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Manufacturing of Magnet Wires/ Copper Conductors

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“The magnet wires division manufactures super enameled round and rectangular copper wires confirming to various IEC 60317 and IEC 60851 series specifications. Extremely rigorous and systematic testing procedures are routinely followed to ensure excellence in the quality of alfanar technical services wires.

alfanar technical services’ Magnet Wire factory aims to be the strategic manufacturing leader in terms of quality and innovation of all types of copper & aluminum magnetic wires.

Quality, innovation, team spirit, balance and resilience are our values to satisfy market needs.

From copper or aluminum wire rod to final conductors, from our plant in Saudi Arabia we serve both inside and outside markets for an annual production 6.000 t.

Its newly commissioned enameling plants are now capable of meeting any OEM’s demand of quality enameled wires, adding an additional 200 M tons of enameled round copper wire size from 0.650 mm to 4.00 mm grade 2 , class 200 co * 220 co to meet the demand of OEM’s. The newly commissioned PLC controlled high speed catalytic enameling plants ensures consistency in insulation in terms of electrical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties as per stringent international standards.


The enameled wires and insulated conductors, conforming to International standards and customer’s specifications is used for the winding of electrical machines such as Motors, Generators, Transformers, Lifting magnets etc…”

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