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Enameled flat (Rectangular) Aluminum wire


At ATS, product innovation has always been synonymous to superior customer experience and satisfaction with high performance products. We proudly announce the new array of Enameled flat (Rectangular) Aluminum wire, that has been started manufacturing from beginning of 2016. Ranking the first  to manufacture, Enameled flat (Rectangular) Aluminum wire in GCC, we offer a wide range of dimensions, types of insulation and materials for special fields of application, conforming to the International Standards and according to customer  Specifications. Mainly used in windings of transformers, motors, generators and Electrical equipment’s, our products are unmatched in quality and endurance.



Our enamel flat AL. wire has good heat resistance, good conductivity, good corrosion resistance and temp. Class can reach to 220°c


Typical application includes:

Dry TRNS./special TRNS./welding machines /rectifiers /reactors /other large and low voltage electromagnetic windings

Size range:

Cross section area(3.5 SQmm-75 SQmm)


Plastic spool (DIN500) or wooden spool. The usual spool weight 30kg/50kg or according to customer requirements


IEC60317-0-2, BS, NEMA


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