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a solution to lifetime assessment of generators

The generator is a critical component in the powertrain of a power plant. A failure of the generator can result in an extended outage and extensive repairs. Failure or degradation of other generator components may result in operation at reduced output or may result in catastrophic failure. While operation with a degraded condition such as aged insulation, cooler leaks or cracked structural components may continue undetected, a thorough Condition Assessment may avert a costly forced outage and can be used to justify upgrades and improvements.

Alfanar offers a wide range of services for large generators to customers in Middle East, to help ensure availability and reliability. Condition assessment of large generators is one such offering that is performed based on a well-defined methodology to help understand the actual condition. The knowledge of generator condition can prevent unscheduled outages, unplanned repair and availability.


The benefits are

  • Improve maintenance, outage planning and scheduling
  • Identify critical spare parts and repair
  • Establish base-line condition
  • Reduce O&M cost
  • Identify potential performance improvements

For generator condition assessment, it is recognized that the physical condition cannot be properly and sufficiently evaluated based on the visual inspections only while the results from some routine or available tests are more critical as indication of generator condition. The following eight condition parameters are considered for condition assessment of generator and generator parts:

  • The Visual Condition
  • The Age
  • The Installed Technology Level
  • The Operating Restrictions
  • Stator Electrical Tests
  • Rotor Electrical Tests
  • Stator Core Tests
  • The Maintenance Requirement

The condition of generator is assessed in an index scale of 0 to 10 based on the above eight condition parameters. Further recommended actions are given divided into three zones of severity level – low, medium and high- and condition index in seven levels among the three zones to get an appropriate evaluation about the condition of the generator and its suitability to continue in operation.


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