Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) for electric motors


At ATS Jubail we have Middle east’s largest VPI treatment unit for electrical motors.

(V.P.I) is a process by which a fully wound electric apparatus stator or rotor is completely submerged in a Resin under controlled condition. Picture1

Through a combination of dry and wet vacuum and pressure cycles, the resin is absorbed throughout the insulation system.

How It Works:

Cost reduction and fast delivery is an increasing battle for many in today’s market; at ATS we have recognized the VPI process has a valuable benefit to our customers in terms of quality winding results and minimum process time.


1.VPI is the treatment process of forcing the specialized insulating resin into the windings under vacuum pressure conditions resulting in a totally encapsulated winding.





Picture32. The winding to be treated is placed in the receiving vessel, sealed and evacuated of air, thus, drawing the resin from the adjacent holding tank through the winding until totally submerged






3-After draining, the winding is cured at 160 deg centigrade in an advanced temperature monitoring automated Oven






Benefits of VPI process:

  • Protection against environments e.g. dust, vibration, heat/water etc.
  • Improved heat dissipation thereby reducing winding temperature during normal operation.
  • Excellent mechanical strength in overhang portion and high dielectric strength of the winding thereby increasing the life of winding.


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