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Converting Conventional Breather to Maintenance-Free Dehydrating Breather

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Continuous extension of operating times, combined with ever-growing current density levels exerted on a power transformers, have resulted in ever-increasing quality demands and reduction of life cycle costs of transformer accessories.


Humidity in oil plays a key role in the aging process of transformers. Excess humidity in the inlet air degrades the insulation properties of transformer, that affects both solid (paper) and liquid insulation (transformer oil) reducing the overall life and performance of the transformer which is vital part of electrical system reliability.

In existing transformers and on load tap changers, using conventional silica gel dehydrating breathers requires

  • Periodic checks.
  • Replacement of desiccant.
  • Disposal of descents.

Above leads to considerable cost and man power.


In maintenance free Dehydrating breather normal operation, the air flowing to the oil conservator has to pass the silica gel and is dried on the way. A moisture sensor continually measures the humidity of the air in the pipeline and the results are sent to the electronic controller. When the humidity (%RH) of the air in the pipe line exceeds a selected value, the self-regulating heating element inside the silica gel container is activated. The water vapor that escapes from the silica gel condenses on the specially shaped bottom casting and drips out of the filter system.




  • Reduce maintenance costs with learned transformer breathing patterns and self-regenerating desiccant
  • Maintenance free system increases operation reliability and avoids big problems since there is no more risk of moisture penetration.
  • No more environmental pollution or disposal problems because of old drying agent.
  • It communicates both locally and remotely.
  • Robust: major parts are aluminum and polycarbonate.

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