Vision Of alfanar Technical Services HSE


ATS HSE strategy revolves around Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) cycle and is highly reflected in our systems appreciating following key elements.


ATS HSE well understands the value of human life and sustainable development for healthy growth of a community. Our program ensures the HSE goals by exercising zero tolerance for errors in the implementation of best Industrial HSE practices and these are supplemented with training, awareness, incentives process control, and deployment of most effective and quality Improvement tools.

  • Provision of a framework for the setting of HSE Goals and objectives for performance.
  • Making our stakeholders and subcontractor familiar with our HSE system and evolving awareness that how their actions can influence HSE performance of the organization.
  • Implementing, Monitoring, evaluating and continually improving HSE performance through operational standards, trainings, assessments and audits.
  • Making ourselves, aware of the global industrial initiatives and collecting feedback from our stakeholders for taking improvement in the above initiatives.

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